Guardian Payment Services provides the industry’s most advanced, successful processing systems and services for many of the world’s top card-issuing banks. Working behind the scenes, we partner with you to create programs that become strategic revenue drivers for the entire enterprise.

Guardian Card Systems:

Our processing solutions enable you to get new products to market faster, improve efficiency, and boost profitability. As the shift continues from checks and cash to cards and other electronic payments, we empower you by providing flexible programs that stimulate growth and retention, add incremental value, and enhance your customers’ experiences, creating long-lasting relationships.

Our exceptional value lies in our ongoing investment in technology, the flexibility of our systems, and the dedication of our team, which gives you a distinct marketing advantage. Guardian provides the most flexible, efficient, secure processing solutions in the market.

Light Years Ahead

We are known for our advanced technology, which delivers enhanced value to you and your customers through mainframe, client server, and ASP models. In addition to our skill and scale in transaction processing, we share our deep industry knowledge and years of payment experience to develop card programs that meet your customers’ needs. Additionally, we offer a full array of Related Services that support these programs.

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